Cleanroom Assembly Services

SpecialTeam is an ISO 13485:2016 registered facility that provides comprehensive assembly and testing of medical devices. Our assembly and manufacturing capabilities include dedicated assembly cleanrooms, in process, and testing capabilities. To assist us in maintaining a reputation for product quality, we ensure that our supplier network is extensive and consists of highly rated vendors.

The manufacturing of medical devices at SpecialTeam includes the precision assembly of various devices with varying complexities. Combined with temperature and humidity controlled capacity, our tightly controlled Class 1000 (ISO Class 6) cleanrooms can provide the required conditions for nearly every product. We also have a Class 10,000 (ISO Class 7) cleanroom for products not requiring such strict environmental control.

All assembly is performed by a staff that has extensive training and experience processing disposable medical devices within a cleanroom environment. All assembly processes are controlled by documentation that are product/client specific and all processes are approved by the client prior to the first production start up. Any changes to the assembly processes are pre-approved by the client.

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Orthopedic Screw Assembly

Orthopedic Screw Assembly

Orthopedic Screw Assembly Spot Curing of Cannula Total UV Cannula Curing Base Assembly Gluing Base Leak Flow Testing Visual Inspection Inspecting Under UV Light Cannula Tube Assembly Tube Assembly Inspection Microscope Inspection Flow Test Inspection Silicon Vacuuming Cleaning Parts Formula Mixing Liquid Fill Torque Testing of Cell Packer Assembly Plunger Assembly Tube Assembly

Our Product Experience Includes

  • Custom Syringes
  • Custom Cannula Assemblies
  • Tubing Sets
  • Disposable Respiratory Devices
  • Disposable Filtration Devices
  • Custom Needle / Surgical Knife Packaging
  • Disposable Dental Products
  • Custom Kit Assembly and Packaging
  • Electro-surgical Devices
  • Implants
  • Breast Cancer Detection Device